Crescent Events

Enhance your event with Crescent Kinetic Chair Massage!

Starting at 80 per hour. Price may vary depending on details of your event.

Additional therapist cost may vary. Special pricing for charities.


Who doesn’t love massage?

It’s a fact… People love massage. Boost the success of your event with chair massage. Jake will spend the entire duration of your event massaging each of your guest. Jake knows how to make a presence. Are you competing for attention at a trade show? Jake’s chair massage techniques often employs flowing stretches that resemble Thai Chi like movements. And if there is music playing, Jake will often be dancing to the beat.


We will pass out your marketing material.

There will be a line for the chair massage, there is no helping that. Give me any flyers or cards you would like to be given to your guest and I’ll make sure they receive them after their session.