My Journey


Life will guide you on the right path when you listen…

Back in 2011 I had suffered a back injury that left me bed ridden for weeks. I was in immense pain and willing to try anything I could to get relief. My caring sister gifted me a deep tissue massage from her therapist. At the time, I have never experienced massage before and I found my self to be very skeptic. But being desperate as I was, I went in for my appointment.

I was blown away by the immediate results I had received. I was walking, running, shoot even skipping again. I saw the impact massage can have in some one’s life and I had to be apart of that journey. I have since dedicated my to healing others through result driven massage therapy. The countless success stories I have been apart of are humbling and encourage me to continue with passion.

Thank you for being apart of my journey. There is no Crescent Kinetic with out each of you.

- Jake Walker LMT