Passionately improving active life styles through result driven massage therapy.
Crescent Kinetic Massage Therapy is a sole proprietorship owned by Jake Walker LMT. Jake has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Louisiana since 2011. His passion for healing others through massage comes from his first massage experience. When Jake was 18, He had pulled a muscle while working at a local grocery store. He was laid up for a week barely able to walk without tremendous pain. It was around the time of Jake's birthday that his sister kindly bought him his first deep tissue massage. Jake was very nervous and not sure what to expect from his first massage. But as soon as he got off the massage table Jake was able to walk, run, and even skip again! From there He saw the power that Massage Therapy can have in people's lives. And has dedicated his practice to eliminating chronic pain and joint issues with his highly skilled techniques that he has crafted after years of practice and research.
​​What We Do
Jake has studied many forms of massage and additional holistic therapies to create effective treatment plans for each of his clients. It all begins during his intake process where he listens to your concerns that brought you in for the day. He wastes no time getting to your chief concerns spending as much time as needed to resolve that problem. From there he will listen to what your body is telling him and relieve your body of other painful areas that you might not have noticed until Jake has healed you of it.

Jake has two options to experience his talented massage experience. He has both a home office situated in a quiet neighborhood in Algiers, down the street from Federal City. And also is happy to make house calls to your location. Jake's passion for interior design has allowed him to create a peaceful environment that will be sure to relax you and put your mind and body at ease while Jake resolves your issues that you came to him with.

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